Opulent Americas LED Manufacturing

Opulent Americas. Lean & Fast. Made Smarter.

An integrated manufacturer specializing in the LED industry; Opulent Americas is part of Singapore-based Opulent Group.

At Opulent Americas, our customers get to market faster, with less resources, at lower costs. Did you also know contract manufacturing is one of our specialties? Opulent Americas is a globally integrated manufacturer with offices in Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, China, Hong Kong and the United States. With 500 employees worldwide, we can scale any manufacturing project. In addition, our North Carolina based office provides quick engineering and sales support with an R&D lab for prototype development and custom designs.  At Opulent Americas we build in comprehensive systems to ensure traceability from part to product assembly to testing & shipment.

Turn Complex Problems into Simple Solutions

  • Design and Engineering – Build prototypes, test performance, and/or solve technical challenges
    • Immediate samples for testing
    • Gerber files created or import existing files
    • Quick turn measurements with our integrating sphere
    • Measure lumens, color, power characteristics to verify a new design or validate specifications
    • Provide support through the UL process and identify potential issues
  • PCB Assembly – Custom PCB builds or standard boards available
  • Product Assembly and Supply Chain Management – Turn-key assembly and supply chain management in ISO-certified facilities

Opulent Americas ISO Certified

Thirty years of manufacturing experience with a global footprint ensures cost competiveness for Opulent customers. Bring your technical challenges to the Opulent team today and let us find the solution!

Opulent Americas – Lean & Fast. Made Smarter.