The Mod Block – LED Modules

In the modern lighting world, LEDs have become the core technology illuminating commercial buildings, residential homes, streetlights, ballparks, airports, agricultural facilities and everything in between. Companies are making the transition from traditional lighting and are looking to manufacturers and designers to create spaces that are both energy efficient and inviting for employees and customers alike.

Creating an LED lighting system can come with numerous questions as companies look to design a solution for their individual environments. Some questions that arise can include:

  • How many LEDs are needed to replace current lighting output?
  • How efficient should the new solution be relative to the current system?
  • What optical patterns should be included? Do these patterns meet ingress protection and flame ratings?
  • Does the heat sink have a sufficient thermal design? Is there proper airflow?
  • Does the solution meet DLC and UL standards?

Answering these questions, and others, contributes to the overall design and product search for the project. Finding the proper supply chain vendor(s) with quick turnaround, an in-house design team and personal service can be a challenge and incredibly time consuming. Modular LED design can save valuable time and resources.

Keeping the end user in mind, as well as these particular issues, Opulent Americas has designed the Mod Block product line to address some of the challenges of this ever-evolving industry. These modular LED systems have been designed specifically to reduce the challenges associated with new product introduction.

The Mod Block Performance and Mod Block Standard series, powered by UL-listed LED Modules, provide 4,500 to 12,000+ lumen modular building blocks in a broad array of color temperatures and color rendering indices (CRIs).  Combined with over a dozen IP67 rated optical patterns, and a highly-engineered heat sink technology, the foundation has been created for a robust LED lighting system in any market segment.

For Opulent Americas, the details matter.  These LED modules are designed to meet the exacting UL and DLC standards required of a luminaire, while giving designers the freedom needed to create the perfect design.  We have included interlocking rails and multiple mounting solutions allowing for an infinite number of combinations.  These Mod Blocks can be designed and tested in Raleigh, North Carolina.  Visit our Mod Block product page for more information.