Opulent Americas Launches LED Module Product Line

Global lighting manufacturer Opulent Americas has launched an LED module product line, Mod Blocks, using Cree XHP35, XHP50.2, and XHP70.2 Extreme High Power LEDs.

Each fully integrated Mod Block system contains IP67 optics, a robust thermal system, outdoor rated cabling, and multiple mounting options. These modules are designed to bring your high-quality lighting systems to market faster with fewer LEDs, higher reliability, and a lower system cost.

The Mod Block Performance and Mod Block Standard series, powered by the Opulent Americas UL-listed LED modules provide 4,500 to 12,000+ lumen modular building blocks in a broad array of color temperatures and color rendering indices (CRIs).  Combined with over a dozen optical patterns, and a highly-engineered heat sink technology, the foundation has been created for a robust LED lighting system for any number of lighting systems such as high bay, low bay, parking, and stadium lighting.

Visit the Opulent Americas Mod Block webpage for all the details.