The latest Opulent Americas newsletter shares a range of capabilities from custom PCB assembly to horticulture starboards and the new mod block family.

Opulent Americas Custom LED MaufacturingBuild Smarter: Opulent Americas is a globally integrated manufacturer with offices in Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, China, Hong Kong and the United States. With 500 employees worldwide, we can scale any manufacturing project. In addition, the North Carolina based office provides quick engineering and sales support with an R&D lab for prototype development and custom designs. Learn more.

Horticulture Starboards: Ideal for horticulture lighting applications, the Opulent Americas starboards, built with proven high power white and color LED technology, deliver high efficacy across the PAR range. The variety of color options and easy set-up allow for flexibility, quick adjustments to support different growth phases, rapid prototyping and sampling of the latest LEDs in an easy to use footprint. Full product information.

IP67 Rated Mod Blocks: Opulent Americas is excited to introduce the latest technology and design in LED modules. The Mod Block Performance and Standard series, powered by UL-listed LED modules, provide 4,500 to 12,000+ lumen modular building blocks in an array of color temperatures and color rendering indices (CRIs). Visit the Mod Block product page for more information about this new foundation created for a robust LED lighting system.